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Stories of strength: Carolyn, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Carolyn, 2019

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    I originally came to Australia due to a health problem of my son. He had Hodgkins Lymphoma. After a lot of research, we decided that he would undertake his treatment here, and so, it was an easy decision for me to jump on a plane and relocate my life over here as well. Establishing my life professionally was one of the harder things to do. Having lived in Christchurch and worked in the recruitment industry for so long, I had so many contacts. I didn’t have that when I relocated here. It was about taking the time to develop relationships with people, starting over and carrying over the same work ethic. I love living close to the lake. We’ve got a small boat that we like to get out on most weekends and go picnicking, go fishing, go kayaking. There are plenty of places to go camping. Family is my biggest passion in life. It’s the reason I moved here, and, now I’m married, my husband’s family is also very much part of mine. As a result of that, we have two beautiful grandchildren who are very much part of our lives as well.