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Stories of strength: Bronwen, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Bronwen, 2019

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    I've lived in Lake Macquarie for eight years. We were pretty fortunate - my husband got a job offer to come over to Australia and we were in Sydney for a year, but then his project moved over to Newcastle. We came here and did a bit of a recce and just fell in love with the place. I miss everything: the African accents, the people, the culture, the wildlife. Thank goodness leopard print is all on trend because it reminds me of home! To integrate into the community was quite tough. My husband would go off to work, I'd stay home with the kids, and then when he'd get home I'd have to get my 6000 words a day - poor guy. But it is getting easier with the children getting older. Where else in the world do you get an ocean right onyour doorstep, and a lake? We are in driving distancefrom a regenerating city - Newcastle, not too far away from Sydney, and then the Hunter Valley wine country is also right on our doorstep. I've travelled quite a bit and this is as good as it gets.