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Regatta, Toronto

  • Regatta, Toronto

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    Regattas have a long tradition on Lake Macquarie. The Motor Boat Club of New South Wales was formed on 6 July 1905, by a group of Motorboat Owners at the Aaron's Exchange Hotel in Sydney. The aim of the Club was to promote motor boating, including racing and social activities. In 1927, His Majesty King George V granted the Club the honour of Royal patronage - conferring the right of the Club to use the prefix ?Royal?, being the first time a Motorboat Club outside of the UK had been given this honour. By 1912, Toronto was developing as a township, and it is no surprise that sailing and rowing were popular pastimes on this part of the Lake. The Toronto 16ft Sailing Club was formed in this year, it's first headquarters being Clouten's boatshed in Wharf Street. Meetings were held at the Great Northern Hotel and Toronto Hotel, and many on water events and outings were organised.

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