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Bull's Garden, Charlestown

  • Bull's Garden, Charlestown

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    In 1845 Edmund Bull arrived in NSW from the Isle of Wight aboard the ship 'Herald' with his wife Frances and their 4 children. Frances died in 1846, and Edmund married Mary Jane Sands on the property 'New Freugh' at Singleton in 1849. It is said that Edmund came from a long line of gardeners who had been cultivating plants in Scotland and the Isle of Wight for several hundred years. In around 1860, Edmund bought a 60 acre plot in what is now Whitebridge and set about setting up gardens at that location. Sid Bull (son) took over management of the gardens in 1904, and opened up free access to the public. Sid and his family continued to live in the original house on the property which was called 'Glen Eureka', and they made a good living out of supplying refreshments, flowers and fruit to the visitors. The gardens closed in the 1930s and Sidney and his wife relocated from Whitebridge to Wallsend in 1937. A Newcastle Herald article from 17th May1947 describes remnants of the gardens still existing between the plots of the now sub-divided land. Today little trace of the once thriving pleasure spot remains, with only the street name of Bulls Garden Road to mark the existence of one of the finest gardens in Australia.

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