Lake Macquarie History

Bennetts Green

The City Council of Lake Macquarie acknowledge the Aboriginal people known today as the Awabakal, as the traditional Custodians of the land, respecting Aboriginal Elders past, present and future. Lake Macquarie City Council recognise the local Aboriginal community today in all of their diversity, who came forward to share their experiences, knowledge, images and memories.

Believed to be named after John Bennett, an early landowner in the area. There was an open space giving the name 'Green'. Part of Jewells Swamp is in Bennetts Green. George Rudge owned a slaughter yard in the early days, supplying butcher shops in Dudley and Charlestown. Rudges were major landowners and kept sheep, cows and bullocks. Cattle were driven through Charlestown from the sale yards. (Source: "A History of Dudley" by Dudley Public School, 1987). While most of Bennetts Green is located on the eastern side of the Pacific Highway, a smaller section containing Tulootaba Reserve is on the western side.

William Croker acquired a grant of 102 acres in Bennetts Green. A 60 acre section was on the eastern side of the Pacific Highway and extended from Groves Road to a point opposite the South Street turn off. A 42 acre section extended from opposite Groves Road to the Ringal Valley area of Bennetts Green. Arch Livingstone and his wife Gloria and their three children, Neil, Ian and Ruth, owned the Ringal Valley shop. Using the first letters of their names and the L from Livingstone formed the acronym "Ringal"; first used for a boat and later, their farm. (Source: NMH 10 July 2010).

In 1932 Lang Wood and Co. auctioned the 102 acres. Pioneers of Bennetts Green (once known as Rose Tree Hill) knew the creek that ran through the property as Tea Tree Creek. When the Dept of Main Roads erected roadsigns along the highway they identified the old waterway under the road as Crockers Creek, not Crokers Creek.

Bennetts Green was once owned by Livingstones. Mrs Maude Lambert, who lived on the highway supplied the area with fresh milk before the days of milk deliveries. Ferris's tennis courts were in Groves Road situated behind a small grocery shop owned by the Ferris family (Source: "The History of Windale a Surprise Township" by Max Saxby 1990).

Streets in Bennetts Green