Lake Macquarie History

Wangi Wangi Water Transport

The improvement of Lake Macquarie water transport occurred in 1922 with the arrival of the vessel Azile, (Eliza spelt backwards). It was the Wangi Wangi Development Company who secured the refurbished vessel and instigated the service. The Azile, was refitted, had power increased, and was improved to carry up to 200 passengers. The people carrying service began covering destinations at Lake View, Toronto, Wangi Wangi and eventually wharves throughout Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. It began operations by servicing the immediate Christmas holiday period and was available for private excursion hire.

photo: the azile

The Azile was constructed by Mr. J (Chips) Gronfors and Mr. G Deamer at Mosquito Island on the Hunter River for Mr. Rinker and Mr. Herbert at close to £2000. The vessel was built from Australian hardwood and fitted with twin 20 horsepower Atlas engines that could achieve speeds of around 11 knots. Mrs L Rinker ceremoniously launched the Azile in 1911 via the smashing of a champagne bottle on the side of the vessel.

By 1925 the Azile was providing service and excursions in Sydney to various locations on the river and harbour.