Lake Macquarie History

Wangi Wangi and it's People: a local history

The book Wangi Wangi and it's People: a local History was published by Southlakes Christian Women's Group in 1987, as part of the Australian Bicentennial project.

photo: view of wangi wangi

This important work was written as "a portrait of a small town and it's people, and of the environment and events which have created for it's residents a special place. Thus it can be a celebration for the future and a commemoration of the past. It has also been produced to fill a practical need for the past to be preserved, especially for students who may wish to know about their local heritage."

Long out of print, it is fitting that the release of this digital edition should be occurring in Wangi Wangi's centennial year as part of it's 100 years celebration.


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