Lake Macquarie History

Mount Hutton

The City Council of Lake Macquarie acknowledge the Aboriginal people known today as the Awabakal, as the traditional Custodians of the land, respecting Aboriginal Elders past, present and future. Lake Macquarie City Council recognise the local Aboriginal community today in all of their diversity, who came forward to share their experiences, knowledge, images and memories.

Name Origin:

When Veronica and James Dunkley settled in the area now known as Mount Hutton in 1916, it was known only as Warners Bay Road, Charlestown. The Dunkley home was the venue for Progress Association meetings, and it was at one of these that Mr Dunkley raised naming the suburb Mount Hutton. It was named for a Dr Hutton who lived in the area, near the distinctive Hill behind the main road. (information supplied by Dunkley family).

Early Land Grants:

Portion 15, Assurance and Thrift Association Ltd; 3 acres. Portion 50 granted to Thomas Morley; 40 acres. Portion 51 granted to Thomas Williams on 10 July 1889; 112 acres. Portion 52 granted to John James Hill, 120 acres. Portion 50, 51 and 52 were conditional purchases. All portions are in the parish of Kahibah.

Early Subdivisions:

D.P. 11260, which shows a subdivision of Portion 52, was declared on 21 November 1921. Bounded on the north by Scrubby Creek, it covered the streets now known as Warners Bay Road, a section of Violet Town Road, and both sides of Wilsons Road.

D.P. 17261, which shows a subdivison of Portion 15 and part of Portion 51, was declared on 22 February 1932. This subdivision was called the "Thriftdale Estate", and covered the streets now known as Warners Bay, Auklet and Tennent Roads. It was also bounded, in the south, by Scrubby Creek. The Assurance and Thrift Association Ltd were the vendors for this subdivision.

Early Settlers:

Thomas Williams appears to have been the first settler before 1862 but did not at first own the land. In 1862, after Robertson's Crown Lands Alienation Act, the Crown Lands Office sold portions to Williams and to Thomas Morley. In 1875 there was a grant to James Hill and in 1922 to Thomas Wilson.

Early Transport:

In 1931 the bus service from Speers Point to Charlestown and Newcastle passed through Mt. Hutton. In 1937 this private service was taken over by government buses.

First Post Office:

Opened 1st September 1941, and closed 30 April 1979.

First School:

Mount Hutton Public School opened January 1955.


Lake Macquarie Fair, a large shopping complex, was built to the design of Eckford and Johnson at a cost of $20 million and opened in 1985.

Water Supply:





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Streets in Mount Hutton