Lake Macquarie History

Murrays Beach

David and Patrick Murray were granted 320 acres along the Lake Macquarie foreshore from Point Morisset from 1863. Coalmining was undertaken on this land, known as Murrays Pit. Coal extracted was transported from the site via a jetty at Murrays Beach. The name has a direct relationship to the topographical feature informally known to the community as 'Murrays Beach'.

The suburb of Murrays Beach was gazetted on 5 May 2006 following amendments to the boundaries of surrounding suburbs (LMCC). The subdivision was developed by Stockland Development Group.

There is a wildlife habitat corridor crossing the suburb from a reserve on the waterfront to Wallarah National Park.

Murrays Beach, in the Parish of Wallarah, is in the City of Lake Macquarie. The boundaries are shown on map GNB 3506.

Streets in Murrays Beach